Gorodki: how to play

EN: Gorodki  ( Russian  Городки  townlets  Swedish  Poppi ) is an ancient Russian   folk   sport  whose popularity has spread to  Karelia Finland  Sweden  Ingria  Lithuania , and  Estonia . Similar in concept to bowling  and also somewhat to  horseshoes , the aim of the game is to knock out groups of  skittles  arranged in various patterns by throwing a bat at them. The skittles, or pins, are called  gorodki  (literally  little cities  or  townlets ), and the square zone in which they are arranged is called the  gorod  ( city ).

In Scandinavian and Baltic languages, the game has many different names, such as kurnimängkriuhkaköllöikeili, and miestučiai. The Finnish variant is called kyykkä, or Finnish skittles.

The game is mentioned in the Old Russian Chronicles and was known in a form that is quite close to the modern one at least from the 17th century, since one of the famous gorodki players was youngPeter I of Russia.[1]

The game consists of throwing a bat from a predetermined distance at the  gorodki , which are arranged in one of 15 configurations: cannon ( пушка pushka ), fork ( вилка  vilka ), star ( звезда  zvezda ), arrow (стрела  strela ), well ( колодец  kolodets ), crankshaft ( коленчатый вал  kolenchatyy val ), artillery ( артиллерия  artilleriya ), raquet (ракетка  raketka ), machine gun installation ( пулемётное гнездо pulemyotnoe gnezdo ), lobster ( рак  rak ), watchmen ( часовые chasovye ), sickle ( серп  serp ), shooting gallery ( тир  tir ), airplane (самолёт  samolet ), and letter ( письмо  pis'mo ).